Oracle WebCenter Portal Cloud

What is WebCenter Portal Cloud (WCPC)?

WebCenter Portal Cloud (WCPC) is Oracle cloud service and serves as an enterprise-grade portal platform as a subscription service on top of Java Cloud Service. WCPC is used to create composite applications, intranets, extranets, and self-service portals.

Deliver seamless and consistent digital experiences across multiple channels to your employees, partners, and customers with the Oracle WebCenter Portal Cloud Service.

How can WCPC transform your business?:


Manages Content

Get a one-stop solution for enterprise content. With the digital information explosion, keeping your content secure, up-to-date, relevant, and available is a new necessity. Oracle WebCenter Portal delivers on this efficiently by leveraging the strengths of Oracle WebCenter Content, the enterprise-grade content management solution.

With business content stored in a central repository, you get to decide who can work with your content libraries, files, and folders, and what they can do. You can upload your files, track versions easily, share information, and use workflows to get the information approved by the right people.

Quickly create your content, add images, text, and videos, precisely choose your content, and present it the way you want—in predefined or custom display layouts. Content management is now agile and secure.


Lets You Collaborate On The Go

In today’s dynamic, agile business world, your employees, customers, and partners need to connect more than ever before. Harness the collective wisdom of your organization with Oracle WebCenter Portal.

With social and rich-media portals, promote collaboration through wikis, blogs, instant messages, and emails. Help users to find expertise and knowledge internally, connect better, share ideas, and get the job done faster—without ever leaving the portal interface.

Engage and delight your users. Let them keep track of important events, stay informed when things change, follow and comment on items, mark favorites, and tag items for quick access. Get social. Drive workplace productivity and team effectiveness.


Reduces IT Costs

Reduce IT maintenance and administrative costs. With Oracle handling all installation and domain configuration, save on large investments in hardware and IT expertise. Pay only for what you need.

Some of the typical Oracle WebCenter Portal Cloud Service business requirements and challenges that Inspired ECM has previously assisted clients with include:

  • Creating Oracle Database Cloud Service and Java Cloud Services instances.
  • Installing and deploying WCPC
  • Performing patching of instances running in the Oracle Database Cloud Service and the Java Cloud Services.
  • Recommending application scale up or scale down values depending on server utilization.
  • Creating and running WebCenter Portal deployment scripts for unattended installation.
  • Providing assistance with Oracle WCPCService provisioning.
  • Planning and architecting a cloud solution and upgrading from an on-premise WebCenter application to the Oracle WCPC
  • Building portal applications with the Oracle WCPC
  • Performing an integration between Oracle WCPCService and WebCenter Content.
  • Integrating on-premise applications with Oracle WCPC

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