Oracle SOA 11g to 12c composite migration
11g-12c Oracle Upgrade Services

Oracle SOA 11g to 12c composite migration

Is your organization currently running Oracle SOA 11g or below? Are you looking to upgrade your 11g Oracle SOA environment before the Oracle Premier Support end date of December 2018? Let Inspired ECM upgrade your organization to the latest 12c version today, so you can start enjoying the new features and benefits now.

Why Upgrade to SOA 12c?

There is an urgency to mobile-enable existing applications, integrate with the cloud, and begin development on the latest trend of connecting Internet of Things (IoT) devices to your existing infrastructure. This is why Oracle SOA Suite 12c was developed: to simplify integration of mobile, cloud, and on-premises environments into one unified platform. This eliminates the need to train developers, administrators, architects and others on separate components of every aspect of integration, which lowers cost and provides a faster time to integrate.

Oracle SOA 12c enables you to:

  • Reduce time to market for new project integration
  • Reduce integration cost and complexity
  • Efficiently manage business and technology change
  • Provide end-to-end solution monitoring with root cause analysis
  • Gain increased visibility to quickly react to business events
  • Ensure high availability and scalability for your business infrastructure

Oracle SOA 12c speeds up your integration time-to-market with features like templates, cloud integration adapters, and mobile-ready integration. You will respond to new business requests more quickly thanks to the new seamless integration of Oracle Service Bus into Oracle SOA Suite. Your total costs for integration should be reduced as a result of many new productivity enhancements, including a quick install capability, advanced new business activity monitoring features, and more.

Why You Need Inspired ECM to Help You Upgrade:

Very often during migrating SOA 11g composite to SOA 12c, the following error occurs: “AN UNEXPECTED SERVER ERROR HAS OCCURRED IN …” Inspired ECM is here to remove the stress of error messages and upgrade issues for your business. Inspired ECM has previously assisted clients with the following upgrade challenges:

  • Architecting either a side-by-side or an in-place upgrade to 12c.
  • Using the upgrade to 12c as an opportunity to explore and educate customers about Oracle’s Process Cloud Service.
  • Upgrading SOA composites currently written for 11g versions to 12c (SOA 11g to 12c composite migration).
  • Migrating BPM and BPEL views.
  • Migrating Business Rules Engine rules.
  • Performing the in-place upgrade for BAM.
  • Upgrading single node and multi-node cluster implementations.


Contact us today to let Inspired ECM supercharge the way you do business and help you upgrade seamlessly to Oracle SOA 12c.