Oracle Identity Cloud Service (OICS) is Oracle’s next generation comprehensive security and identity platform. It provides a powerful set of hybrid identity features to maintain a single identity for each user across their on-premise and in the cloud services, while delivering a seamless user experience.

OICS Management provides an innovative, fully integrated service that delivers all the core identity and access management capabilities through a multi-tenant Cloud platform. OICS has been designed to meet the needs of organizations in a number of typical use-case scenarios, such as the cloud (allowing both on-premise and cloud resources to be secured from a single set of controls), mobile access (providing sign-on for native or browser-based apps), employee-facing intranet, and customer-facing extranet solutions.

OICS provides the following functionality, licensed and enabled as required:
  • Single Sign On
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Integration with On-Premise AD/OAM
  • User Authentication Service
  • Identity Federation Service
  • Token Service
  • Reporting Service
Key Benefits of using OICS:
  • Improved business responsiveness. Get users productive faster through immediate access to key applications and systems
  • Enhanced User Productivity and Experience by providing self-service and SSO capabilities
  • Hybrid Multi-Channel Access. One click access to all your on-premise and cloud-based services. One click management for your users through an easy to use self-service interface across all your on-premise and cloud applications
  • Simplified IT and Reduced Costs by leveraging existing directory infrastructure and extending to SaaS. No upgrades, no maintenance

Another great feature—with OICS, customers who want to modernize their applications in the cloud can host Identities in the cloud and can leverage the Identity Cloud Platform as their IDP. These customers can build applications rapidly and secure it with cloud IDM in minutes, not months. With capabilities like self-profile management and self-password management, customers can keep their help desk costs low while maintaining or improving the quality of their end-user experience.

Inspired ECM can help you implement OICS for your organization by:
  • Recommending application scale up or scale down values depending on server utilization
  • Working with OICS to manage identities on-premise as well as in the cloud
  • Configuring single sign-on for cloud and on-premise applications using OICS

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