The Oracle Content and Experience Cloud (CEC) enables teams to create and collaborate on content as well as build rich web experiences. Both internal and external teams can work together effectively to streamline content operations. Collaboration can take place from both desktop and mobile devices using client applications that users can install locally. Users can work offline and synchronize changes with the cloud environment. Capabilities also include experience management to easily build websites, leveraging collaborative content as well as applications.

Some of the typical Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Service business requirements and challenges Inspired ECM has previously assisted clients with include:

  • Planning and architecting a cloud solution and upgrading from an on-premise WebCenter application to the Oracle CEC.
  • Recommending application scale up or scale down values depending on server utilization.
  • Configure the Oracle Documents Cloud Service to integrate with an on-premise WebCenter Content installation.
  • Configuring an integration between Oracle enterprise capture and the Oracle Documents Cloud Service.
  • Configure security for the Oracle CEC.
  • Configuring folder syncing with the desktop application.
  • Perform an integration with the Oracle Process Cloud.
  • Creating Sites in the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud.
  • Configuring messaging in the Oracle CEC.
  • Embed Content and Experience Cloud Features in other Oracle Cloud applications.  i.e. Oracle Sales Cloud.
  • Installation and modification of templates within the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud.
  • Configuring mobile devices for use in the Oracle CEC.
  • Integrating an on-premise WebCenter Forms Recognition environment with the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud.

Let Inspired ECM be your partner for a successful Oracle Content and Experience Cloud implementation!

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